Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Wahai Abang Zaidi...

It's been quite sometime since last update.

Yes, I already moved back to our home sweet home @ Bangi last Saturday.

Got a few issues tho...

The baby amik masa adapting himself with the new environment.
He loves it when the MIL play with him but refuses to be fed by her.
We try left him alone with MIL on Sunday, and during shopping, got phone calls from MIL telling us yg Aliff taknak minum susu + asik meraung.
Ohh this make me worried sick.
Which led to my EL on Monday.
And also made me give some thoughts of quitting the job and stay at home.
But then, sape nak bayar hutang yg keliling pinggang tu?

Well.. ape kena mengena ngan title post aku nih?
Haha takde ape.. last Thursday i heard this song played on the radio while driving, and I got this song stucked in my head eversince.
Menyampah tau! :)

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