Monday, April 21, 2008

I'm Already In Week 23 :)

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This Week's Activity:

Write a letter to your baby. You and your child will treasure this gift for years to come. Go with your heart and follow your inspiration. If you need help getting started:

• Describe your feelings for your baby and what it's like to know he's growing inside you.

• Imagine a perfect day with your baby and what you'll do together.

• Write down your hopes, dreams, and wishes for your baby.

• Think about what being a mother means to you and your definition of what makes a good mother.

If writing isn't your style, put together a collage or a memory box of pregnancy mementos, says Diane Sanford, a clinical psychologist whose focus is on helping women make the transition to motherhood.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Latest Addiction: The Shopaholic Series

Ok, I admit.. I'm a bit outdated.
The very first Shopaholic novel came out in year 2000, and I only read in 2008!
Haha.. poor me..!
I knew few friends who really like reading the novels, but I didn't bother to have a look at them.. after all, I'm not into reading novels back then.. I spent very little time on reading.. except reading magazines and comics.. hehe..

But one day, I was browsing the ChicLit section at Kinokuniya, trying to find some titles that might interest me.. (Actually I went there to find a crochet book, but then end up at ChicLit section.. hehe)..

Before this, I have collections of Marian Keyes's and Julia Llewellyn's (I'll share about their books in other entries later).. and I couldn't find any of theirs at that moment.. Ok, so I lied, actually I found a few Marian Keyes's, but somehow they don't interest me.. and I remember I used to have a book by Sophie Kinsella, entitled "The Undomestic Goddess".. and I really love that novel! Unfortunately the book was destroyed in a flood incident at my house, together with my other 2 favourites, "Diary of a Mad Bride" & "Diary of a Mad Mother-To-Be", both by Laura Wolf.. Huhu..

Then, there they were, a row in the rack.. the Shopaholic series.. Okay, which one should I read first? I had no idea which is the first one, so it took me about half an hour to take a peek of each book and made a decision. Finally, I grab "Confessions of a Shopaholic" and paid at the counter. (I just found out that the first UK edition actually entitles "The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic").. And that is how I got addicted to the series..

It was such an enjoyable reading, funny, with LOTS of hilarious parts in the novel, that made me hardly put it down/aside.. I want to finish the book ASAP! I need to know the ending! I must know how Becky set her life back on track..

Well, here's my personal favourite part.. the one where she went for an interview.. she lied a bit in her resume, where she mentioned that she can converse well in Finnish languange (which she knew none of the word except "Hallo"). Came to the interview expecting for a broker post, somehow the job interview was actually for a post in a bank.. which will be conducted in Finnish language... and she only found out about that when she was already there! Telling herself that she can handle it, she ended up in a board room full of people who speaks Finnish, and when the person interviewing her started talking, guess what she did? She just said "Hallo", turned back and run away for her life!!! Run, Becky, run!!! Hahahahaha.. Can you imagine? Hahahahahahhahahaha...
Moral of the story: Don't you ever-ever-ever put something that you're not good at (or even don't know) in your resume!! Hahahahahaha...

But simply put it this way.. I finished it in 2 days, and next week I went back to Kinokuniya to get another 2, "Shopaholic Takes Manhattan" and "Shopaholic Ties The Knot".. I made new record(for myself) by finishing "Shopaholic Takes Manhattan" in 1 day! And now I'm enjoying the moment Becky's planning for her wedding in "Shopaholic Ties The Knot".. (I already have a plan in my head to go to Kinokuniya this afternoon and get the last 2 in the series, "Shopaholic & Sister" and "Shopaholic & Baby").. Hehehe..

Oh btw, I just googled about the shopaholic series, and found out that there will be a movie coming out in 2009, based on Confessions of A Shopaholic! Can't wait!

Isla Fisher as Rebecca Bloomwood

Lawak DUN

Nih aku kopipes je dr forum :)

DUN yg paling sejuk . DUN Batu Berendam
DUN yg paling tak de rasa . DUN Air Tawar
DUN yg paling panas , DUN Pedas.
DUN yg paling miskin . DUN Sekupang
DUN yg paling muda , DUN Sri Muda
DUN yg paling lemah , DUN Batang Berjuntai
DUN yg paling basah , DUN Sg Besar
DUN yg kuat makan satay , DUN Kajang
DUN yg banyak hantu , DUN Pucong
DUN yg ada istana , DUN Kota Raja.
DUN yg banyak ikan , DUN Tg Sepat
DUN yg paling keras , DUN Batu Tiga.
DUN paling pendalaman , DUN Hulu Klang
DUN banyak air , DUN Ampangan
DUN banyak penganas . DUN Kuala Kubu.
DUN paling takde kemajuan , DUN Gurun
DUN paling bahaya , DUN Baling.
DUN banyak semut . DUN Kota Sarang Semut.
DUN paling pelik , DUN Sg Ada Burung
DUN ada binatang , DUN Kijang
DUN paling wangi ,DUN Pokok Sena
DUN paling tak cantik, DUN Batu Buruk
DUN paling berkuasa, HinDUN isteri Pak Lah

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Good Old Times...

Hari tu aku korek2 segala laci sbb cari Bio Oil yg ntah mana aku letak ntah.. which is later found by my Kanda kat bawah plastik cotton bud dlm laci yg plg common.. aku nih cari pakai hidung gamaknya.. dh kena bebel + gelak sekali ngan Kanda.. haha malu aku..

Time aku dok selongkar2 tu terjumpa satu folder cd lama.. mp3 collections yg aku burn masa study kat MMU dulu.. lama giler ahh.. tp excited betul aku jumpa balik lagu2 lama yg aku layan dulu.. brings back all the memories of the good old times.. waaahhh... dah baper thn ekk.. aku start study kat Unitele Melaka thn 1998, next year pindah ke MMU Cyber then grad thn 2001... pejam-celik-pejam-celik dh 7 thn.. rindunya aku zaman dulu2..!!

One of the songs:-

A Life Less Ordinary

I smoke myself into a haze in the afternoon
Enveloped heart, and the air is cool
Put on your dress, white Goddess
And Settle in as the weather folds
In the slow haze of the afternoon
Swaying hips, made like a gun
Blackest sails, the most beautiful

In the world, in the air, on my tongue
Before my eyes, beyond the stars, beneath the sun

Take me in your arms again, lead me in my dreams again
What is it worth?, I'll sell my soul, what is it worth?
Only you know

You were conceived in my heart, came like a dream
To save me from my mortality
Put on your dress, white Goddess
And settle in as the weather folds
Our lives will be entwined, even when I die
You'll see me through 'till the end of time
No earthly bride, the most beautiful

In the world, in the air, on my tongue
Before my eyes, beyond the stars, beneath the sun

Take me in your arms again, lead me in my dreams again
What is it worth?, I'll sell my soul, what is it worth?
Only you know...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

L: Change The World

Aku xmau wat review pasal citer nih..
frankly, aku tgk wayang citer L nih semata2 character L tu sendiri..
Death Note 1 + 2 mana der aku layan wayang pun.. tunggu adik aku download je..
tapi oleh sebab citer L: Change The World nih memang fokus kat L semata2 (even hari2 terakhir sebelum kematian), aku sanggup bayar tiket wayang tau... hehehe...

Watching L in action.. aku macam teruja.. ohh.. ohhh.. bestnya...
coolnya.. sebelum ni mana der tgk L berlari2 (walaupun jogging yg ala2 lompat kijang sket), kayuh beskal ngan budak kecik bonceng dlm raga depan beskal, lawan org jahat.. etc.. etc.. sgt cool..

Oleh sebab L punya character tu je, aku bagik rating 4.9/5.. hehe..

Check Up Punya Cerita...

Semlm gi checkup + detail scanning..
patutnya khamis tp rescheduled sbb dr nk gi umrah..

Kesah time checkup semlm:-

Dr F: Hari tu sy ada bgtau tak?
Me: Aa.. ada, tp masa tu mcm awal lagi, x confirm..
Dr F: Aa.. meh kita confirmkan.. tu.. nampak tak tu..
Me: Aaa.. hehe.. nampak2..
Dr F: Nampak kan tu, ada pistol tu haa.. clear je.. kira dh confirm laa tu.. nampak terang2 tu..
Me + Kanda:

Lagi satu... (bleh aku xtau nama dr yg wat detail scan tu.. haha.. lupa.. aku panggil dr S je laa)..

Dr S: Susah nak tgk jantung dia.. blur2.. nnt kena repeat scan lg ni.. tunggu dia besar sket...
Me: Aaa.. susah ye doktor.. ok tak tu?
Dr S: Takde masalah.. ada setengah org ckp doktor ni tak pandai buat scan, tapi kalau dah x boleh nampak tu, mmg x nampak lah..
Me (dlm hati): (Musti dr ni penah kena kutuk x pandai buat scan.. hihi..)
Dr S: Kulit perut awak ni tebal.. kulit je dh 3 cm, pastu uri plak dok belah atas.. baper cm lagik.. tu yg blur2 tu..
Me: Kulit tebal camana dr?
Dr S: Aaaa.. kalo kulit tebal camni mmg jgn mimpi laa nak kurus.. tapi oklah nnt pas bersalin perut x menggelebeh.. takpe.. lagi sebulan nnt kita repeat.. masa tu baby dh besar lg sket boleh nampak lagi clear kot..
Me: Ok..
Pasni kalo ada org kata aku gemuk, aku akan jawab camni..
Mana ada aku gemuk, kulit perut aku tebal laa..