Monday, November 17, 2008

Surprise My Dear!!!

I can call this as a surprise ONLY WHEN hubby doesn't read my blog starting from today till the rest of the week ;)

This thing just arrived. A collegue handed it to me just now.

I decided to get this as his birthday (on 23rd) cum anniversary (on 24th) present.
A PS3 game: Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Limited Edition

So darling, surprise!!!!
Hope you'll love it... :x

Kalau Kanda jemput aku balik petang nanti tersengih2 + muka hepi tak hingat,
maknanya dia dah baca lah blog aku nih.. ahaha..

Updated on 18/11/2008, 9.41 am

I decided to give it to hubby on our way back home yesterday...
Memang dia surprise sangat2 as he didn't expected that..
Glad to see that excitement, eventho kontrol2 depan aku.. chisss..
Nih laa ape yg ada dlm Limited Edition box tu..

* Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm (game)
* Steel Case Metal Box <-- ohhh cantik laa box dia.. rasa mcm nk mintak balik ;)
* Original Soundtrack
* Limited Edition laser cell art piece
* Collectible card

Pastu malam semlm kanda pun dok melayan games nih sampai kul baper ntah..
Pakai dua2 controller lak tu..

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