Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Lovely Hubby

I can't say that my husband is the greatest in the world.
But he is definitely the greatest in MY WORLD..

Eversince my pregnancy, I've been moody.
And after the birth, plus all the tiredness and stress, it became worst.

But my hubby is always there for me.
He helps me changing the baby diapers day and night, whenever I don't feel like to do so..
He helps me took care of the baby whenever I am so tired and need some rest...
He didn't say anything whenever I yell or nag at him, as he understands it's not my intention to do so, I am just too damn tired..

For all the reasons above and those not mentioned here (as it will be a long list), I'd like to thank you my dear... I really appreciate every single thing you did.. And for the countless time, I wanted to tell you that...

Ok now, will you help me change aliff's diaper please... :)

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