Sunday, November 15, 2009

Please Help!!!

I am having a BIG problem right now.
When I mention BIG, it may not be that bad, but as always, I love to exaggerate.. hehe..

The hubby is having athsma (is it the correct spelling?).. a bad one...
currently we're staying at my parents house and it is surrounded by cats..
we can't get rid of the cat...
but we can't stay in our home at bangi, not without anyone to take care of aliff while we're working..
can't send him to nursery, or anywhere else but my parents..
my mother doesn't allow us to send him to nursery, not until he is at least 2 years old...
me and hubby don't trust maid, not with all the worst-case-headlines that we read in the newspapers...
the only proper solution is..
seems like I have to quit my job and become a fulltime housewife..
or even better if I can work from home..

Another option is to rent a house nearby my parents..
so we can drop Aliff on our way to work..
but that surely will cost more..
and I'm not sure whether we can afford it at this moment..
well.. paying for 2 houses is kind of ridiculous..

Any other suggestions?


fatin itu saya said...

kak nana, cari org jaga budak kat area2 ur house maybe an option. a friend of mine, hantar kat kakak yg housewife kat rumah dia. usually orang2 kita (msian), take care of the baby better.maybe can ask around ur neighbour ke hape.

huhu.sibuk lak..ngehngehngeh.

paNavia said...

thanks fatin..
memang sedang cuba mencari option tu..
kalau dapat jiran dekat2 Alhamdulillah..
the problem is si kenit is sooo manja dgn atuk + opah dia, tu yang susah nak lepas dia kat orang lain tu..