Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Just Some Recaps

These are advices that I got from someone regarding my decision whether to stay or to go back then in my old company... And now i've been considering same advices.. why? Let me keep it to myself first until everything's confirmed...

"****, I believe U can make it overthere. I don't think that should be a big issue. Remember **** wouldn't go this far without U-r hardwork. Cont.

However, the salary is another story. I think now U have to choose between working 4 something U love or working 4 money. I think it's nice to have both, so maybe U can discuss or re-discussed about the salary with pak *****. If he say that he's unable to matched up the job offer then U can choose working 4 love and wait 4 6 mo.s B4 browsing 4 another offer. Cont.

If by then the offer is still not come close to the future job offer than U can decide to work 4 money & leave the co. Otherwise, U can just go right a head 4 the job offer. Of course-lah there will be questions about whether U can make it there but I think U'll overcome them in short time.

As U-r friend & not as a co-worker, I sincerely want U to have a job that make you happy. I think now U already now what U get in the market 4 U-rself. As long as U not waiting too long, I'm sure the future offer will not be too significant from the one right now. Cont.

However, if U think that there's no way 4 **** to match up similar offer in the future than that it's something U may want 2 consider also.

The bottom line is I think U need sometime off to think clearly about all of this. The happiness of **** can only be assure by one person & that is you. You need to make sure that U will take care of U-rself and make U happy. In that sense I think U will know better at the end which decision that will suit U the best. U just have to go to this period where U R questioning and considering a lot of things B4 getting at the end of it. "

So... have i made my decision now? Not yet! But surely gave me some other thoughs..

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abeming said...

Lagu P.Ramlee :

Jangan Tinggal Daku
Oh Kakak Oh Kawanku
Hamba pasti pilu...tak berteman nak malas selalu...

nanti time kije sy pandang belakang tgk2 org lain...xbestnya...=(