Friday, November 25, 2011


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As posted on my FB wall, 23rd November 2011...

This date, 33 years ago, I was 4-months-old.
Knew nothing, only cried asking to be fed, and did amusing things that hopefully did cheer up my parents (ha-ha).

I never thought that on this date, a baby was born, and just like me, cried to be fed, and did amusing things that hopefully did cheer up his parents as well.

But today, he is now 33 years old. With God’s will, we met each other and united 5 years ago. Yes, we still cry sometimes, but this time we cry together; because we have each other’s shoulder to cry on. We do amusing things together to cheer ourselves. We have our ups and downs in life, but we managed as long as we have each other. We’re blessed with our 2 little bosses, who’s the best ‘teacher’ for us to become (hopefully good) parents. (And sometimes they require us to become clowns, cars, athletes, doctors, etc… you name it..)

And for that, I thank you Allah, for Your greatest gift, the birth of my beloved husband, my soul mate. I pray only the best thing for him, best of health, and I pray for him to be in our life, as long as You permits. And I hope that will be until the end of our life journey.

So, Happy Birthday my dear Razman Zaem.
And Happy 5th Anniversary as well.

With lots of love, always and forever.

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