Friday, November 18, 2011

Vampire Movies

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Pt 1 is coming to cinema.

So everyone's is like, "oh edward... oh jacob..."
But me, hell no.
I'm not into twilight series.
I love vampire movies.
But not with the mushy2 love stories.
Especially with the so-kayu-heroin.

I watched The Vampire Diaries.
Love story jugak, tapi somehow with damn interesting plots..

and Twilight can't even compare with that.
Up until now I still can't understand why people lovesssss it so much.
Ok, one exception. Jacob is hot. Nice body.
And cute sweet Alice. Make it two..
But Edward? Bella? Apekah yang best sangat?

My all time favourite vampire movies, obviously these:-

1) Blade Trilogy
Hero kelam sikit, but the action is well-packed!
IMO, the best is Blade 2. But I am biased, since abang Ryan Reynolds is in Blade Trinity, I love this more.

2) Underworld Trilogy (but no 4 is coming soon)

We don't need a man vampire to be the hero.

Enough said.


Akulah Pak Lan said...
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Akulah Pak Lan said...

Vampire greatess weakness is love. kah kah kah

paNavia said...

Ya betul.
Chenta hati punya pasal, sanggup berkorban apa saja