Friday, August 6, 2010

[30 Days of Truth] Day 01 → Something you hate about yourself.

Ok, I guess this thing semua orang pun tau.
Not only myself je yang menyampah pasal benda ni, semua orang pun menyampah kot.

1) I am a bad-tempered person, and over-sensitive too...

I am easily annoyed by little things, especially when I already planned for something,
and it turns out not like what I want it to be.

When things supposed to be easy and then ada some hiccups here and there, that'll ruin my day.

When someone made promises to me and they didn't keep it, I'll be mad like they're no friend to me anymore.

When someone said something that really gets me on my nerves, I may forgive him but I'll never forget.

But, it takes about few minutes only to cool down.
You only need to let me be alone, all by myself, and I'll be cool..
And don't mention about the thing again, unless I wanted to.



Ok, being a woman, especially with little kid, I guess being BOROS can be forgiven sometimes. Haha.. Most of the times I spent a lot for my little boy, especially clothes and toys (alasan). Dan saya juga sangat suka abiskan duit kat bab Jalan2 Cari Makan. :)


Ini tak tipu. I think I can achieve more if I have self-confidence.
I'll step up instead of being a follower.
I'll try to achieve my dreams instead of keeping on dreaming about them.

Cukup tak 3 ni je..
kalo banyak2 sangat abislah terbongkar semua rahsia I...

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