Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My First DIY Ring Sling

Finally I made my own Ring Sling! Yay!

One fine day, went to Kamdar and bought these 2 different patterns of japanese cotton fabrics.. 2 meters each..

the next day, beloved MIL willingly jahitkan those fabrics for me..
cantumkan je pun.. pakai mesin jahit..
kejap je..
tak sampai 1/2 jam pun..
lepas tu guna large size rings bought from Jess,
I made a no-sew RS..
and here's the RS in action..

Lepas ni nak belajar jahit the shoulder parts pulak.
Barulah boleh buat collections..
Eh btw little Aliff sudah makin semangat...
larat lagi ke aku nak carry dia dlm RS ni?

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